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The ECA Stack was the most popular and effective weight loss phenomenon to ever hit retail stores. The original ECA had a unique profile, with an exact ratio of ingredients that when combined had a remarkable and potentiating effect on both weight loss and lean muscle mass. These proven results made ECA a household name almost overnight. In all the years since there has never been another product that could match it in effectiveness or popularity. No longer Legal in the United States, ECA left a void in the weight loss market that no other product has been able to fill until now.

Introducing RoxyLean ECA™. This product is an absolute blueprint of the ECA model. It is based on an exact ratio of stimulants, bronchial dilators, and blood thinning agents that not only duplicate the effectiveness of ECA but actually make it that much better. This extreme synergy of respiratory catalysts and blood activating agents make RoxyLean ECA™ unlike any other weight loss product available in stores today. This product delivers where others may have fallen short.

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