Whole-Food Vitamins – What Nature Intended

We can find many things today made to synthetically recreate nature. Fabrics, wood floors that aren’t really wood, even plastic plants that fool the eye. But when it comes to nutrition, should we try to recreate nature or get nutrients derived from whole food sources?

Including a multi-vitamin in your diet can be a great way to make sure you have all the foundational nutrients needed every day. Let’s face it, most of us don’t regular eat the variety of food sources to get the optimal levels of nutrients. But there are two choices, whole-food source vitamins or vitamins synthetically sourced in a lab.

Synthetic vitamins are designed to imitate the vitamins that we get from whole food. These vitamins meet the molecular structure requirements, but in the process they are no longer in the same complex forms found nature. Compared to food, they are like “homeless” chemical isolates.

Whole-food sourced vitamins are derived from plant life sources without. The major difference is that you don’t just get the chemical form, but a whole-food complex of the vitamins, minerals and herbs that contain all of the plant’s active, natural biochemistries.  It takes more effort to make a multi-vitamin this way, but it’s about providing nutrients that are in the forms found in food.

Whole-food sourced vitamins are more effective as the vitamins are in whole-food complexes and retain many of the beneficial compounds in food. Some of those beneficial compounds are the phytonutrients retained from the fruit and vegetable sources, which are antioxidants that slow down the process of cell and tissue damage.

For example, Vitamin C in a whole-food complex is more useful to the body then the ascorbic acid found in a synthetic vitamin. Your body just won’t fully recognize and absorb all of the synthetic Vitamin C. All those milligrams listed on the back label may be just passing right through.

You may have to ask yourself, am I getting real nutrients or just a synthetic pretender?Your body knows the difference.

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