African Mango Shows Promise for Significant Weight Loss

The African Mango, also referred to as Irvingia gabonensis, is a fruit commonly consumed in Nigeria and Cameroon. Extract from the African mango is showing promise in helping individuals who struggle with excess weight shed the pounds.

Studies have shown that supplementing with the extract of this fruit show reduces body weight, body fat, and waist size. Additionally, it also has shown to lower cholesterol as well as help overcome insulin resistance, factors that perpetuate metabolic syndrome in the overweight, a cycle where losing weight can be difficult and health risks are high.

Researchers at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon conducted a double-blind placebo study, published in Lipids and Health and Disease in 2009, that investigated the African mango benefits. The participants were overweight but otherwise healthy, and received 150 mg of the African mango extract or a placebo before lunch and dinner. The participants were instructed to not make changes to level of physical activity and no dietary intervention was instituted during the course of the study.

Results were very significant. At the end of the 10 week study, the overweight participants taking the African mango extract had lost on average of 28 lbs, or almost 15% of their average body weight. Waist size and body fat decreased by 6 inches and 6% respectively. Additionally, LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels, factors related to the metabolic syndrome as well as a warning sign for diabetes declined with taking the supplement.

The African mango extract may be benefit weight loss in a few different ways. Studies show that the African mango extract has been shown to reduce secretion of leptin, and leptin inhibits fat metabolism. Adiponectin levels are increased which influences response to insulin and greater levels reduces. A low level of adiponectin is associated with obesity and a high level associated with reduced risk of heart attack. Higher levels will also regulate blood sugar levels reducing cravings associated with overeating.

The African mango extract appears to be a safe and natural way to lose weight, reduce body fat, curb cravings, and even breakout of the metabolic syndrome trap associated with obesity.

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